Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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made by jessa | odds and ends is a design blog written to inspire and to share well-designed home decor, architecture, wedding ideas, stationery, fashion, books, fonts, and anything else that makes the world a prettier place.

jessa butler is a designer, creative thinker, and marketing guru. her loves include brian, the beach, running, anything paper, and traveling. she currently lives in conshohocken with her awesome husband.

september 1, 2010...

with the support and love of my family and friends, i have decide to live my dream. to be a creator. a crafter. an artist. i quit my job and decided to take the jump. to start my own business and follow my heart.

it began with the book, the alchemist, given to me by my sister for christmas and finished with my husband asking me, "what are you waiting for?" so here i am, the master of my own future.

i will be blogging every day (or almost every day), designing full-time for life's biggest events, creating handmade decor, and most of all loving life. hope you join me on my journey!

*a big, dinosaur-size thank you to everyone who is helping me make this dream a reality!*