Saturday, October 30, 2010

are you a wino?

want to incorporate your wine corks in your wedding?
here are a few cute ideas!

cork wine stoppers found on artimated

placecard photo from elisa perry

wine stain heart photo from 100 layer cake

placecard photo by ardent photography

Friday, October 29, 2010

lovely items of the week

i want this vespa 400!!!!

love these simple, drop earrings. so versatile for day or evening!

chalkboard paint from hudson paint
i never knew there are this many colors to choose from!
i think i might paint an area in my office the "bakery green" color,
then write my to-do lists all over the wall. :)

silk organza starburst dress by j.crew found by my stylist friend, catie
great pick and such a beautiful color!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy fall!

the leaves are turning outside and i wanted to share a couple fall photos with you. brian and i took these photos on a walk around lake galena at peace valley park in new britain township, pennsylvania.

happy fall!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

maliya + chris | wedding celebration

the celebration of maliya and chris' wedding in the bahamas continues...

champagne to celebrate on our ride from the church to dinner!

make them kiss!

first spin on the slot machine as a married couple...
not a winner, but there are more important things to celebrate!

the wedding group!

maliya and chris admiring the aquarium
staying at the atlantis was amazing and so were the fish!

we are so happy for you!

getting down!

first dance as mr. and mrs.!

all photos taken by brian butler

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kacie's wedding | photography

i can't stress enough how important photography is on your big day. the photos that are taken on your wedding day will become the keystone of your memories. pick a photographer that you are comfortable with, takes your "style" of photos, and will listen to your requests. another tip: make sure you receive a cd of all of your images with the rights to print! below are a few photos from my girlfriend, kacie's wedding. her photographer was from frank king photography (from the harrisburg, pa area). he really captured the happiness and excitement felt on their special day.

kacie + adam

what a wonderful day!

the pink and green really pop!

kacie and her girls


cake... yum!

are we singing?

hugs and kisses to kacie and adam!

Monday, October 25, 2010

race for the kids

if anyone is in carlisle, pennsylvania on november 13, think about running or walking in the "race for the kids"! it is the 2nd annual st. patrick's parish foreign mission team fundraiser to earn financial support for our lady of hope orphanage in jamaica. this mission and "race" are very close to my heart as my dad and family have been a part of raising funds, getting the word out, and traveling to impoverished countries from the beginning.

here's a little background: the foreign mission team was started to offer support to indigent populations around the world. the team offers spiritual, educational, and medical support and building construction depending on the need of the population served and the cooperation of the traveling team.

if you would like to participate or would like more information, please download the form (front and back), raise money, and have fun! donations are always welcome and can be sent to st. patrick's church office, 152 east pomfret street, carlisle, pa 17013. checks made be made payable to saint patrick's church. thank you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

lovely items of the week

i'm drooling.

perfect with dark jeans, wish i could afford them!

tiled capiz boxes by west elm
great for storage in a cute way

lace bowl found on etsy
wow. love this bowl.

birch bracelet found on etsy
cuffs are in style (or so i heard)
and this one has a cool "antiqued" quality

Thursday, October 21, 2010

maliya + chris | wedding ceremony paper

here are a couple items i made for maliya and chris' wedding in the bahamas.

i surprised them with little bells. ring to make them kiss!
bells are great to use during your celebration. bubbles tend to stain dresses and many churches do not allow rice or bird seed.
bells are the next best thing!

programs! staying with the aqua theme...

celebration photos coming soon!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

marcel the shell

i am in love with the "marcel the shell with shoes on" video! it was directed by dean fleischer-camp, written by jenny slate and dean fleischer-camp, and the part of marcel is voiced by jenny slate (untreated + unenhanced). you would probably know jenny as one of the cast members of saturday night live for the 2009-2010 season. the video was written in august of this year and has "garnered unexpected viral success" says her wiki page. every line in the video is a witty success and i find myself repeating them throughout the day... "comme onnn... i love youuu" (see above haha)! without further ado... marcel the shell!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maliya + chris | the big day!

here is the rest of maliya's wedding in the bahamas!

the stud-ly men and their matching aqua ties

we found a local flower shop and bought flowers for the wedding party. we were looking for tropical flowers but the selection wasn't very good... roses, carnations, lilies. we have them here!

we did find a cool, red protea-looking flower that
we added to maliya's bouquet.

the blushing bride and one of her maid of honors!

monseigneur moss was awesome. in the bahamas, they have different customs when getting married. we did a "uniting as one" practice where he used two candles coming together as one flame.

maliya and chris had to "declare" themselves free to marry each other
in front of the congregation.

there was a hand-binding ceremony.

then the rings and vows.
that's me in the background smiling from ear to ear!

the alter at the church was made out of shells.

all of us as witnesses to their marriage!

signing the official st. anselm's sacrament of marriage book!

i think they love each other!

pronouncing themselves married!!

yay! time to celebrate!