Thursday, October 15, 2009

wedding day tips!

I gathered a few tips from my wedding day and tricks that were passed on to me to share with you. Hope you find them useful as you near the big day!

1. Ask one of your bridesmaids or someone close to you to hold a few
small items in her purse in case disaster strikes: a Tide pen, a piece
of white chalk, a few safety pins, a handful of bobby pins, and a
couple pieces of gum.

2. Ask someone (a friend, an uncle, a co-worker) to take pictures
during the special moments of the big day for you to look at right
after or on your honeymoon. It may take awhile to get the professional images back from the photgrapher and you're going to wonder what your hair looked like during the ceremony or what Aunt Susie was wearing.

3. When you are shopping for photographers, make sure they have all
the qualities you are looking for. One thing that was important to my
husband and I was to get a master cd of all the images. We have really
enjoyed being able to print any of the ones we like.

4. In the blur of the ceremony and reception, try to take a moment to
say thank you to the people you love for everything they did to make
your wedding day happen.

5. Don't forget to eat. It would be really embarrassing to pass out on
the altar!

6. Wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony.
When you exchange rings, your husband(!) will put your wedding band on
your ring finger, then you can move the engagement ring back onto your
left hand and they will be in the correct order on your finger.

7. Request waterproof mascara and eyeliner from your makeup artist
just in case they forget and you shed a few happy tears.

8. If you are doing french tip on your nails, get white tips. They
won't scratch off and will last much longer.

9. Send an alphabetized list of your guests and their table numbers to
the caterer, hotel event manager, or your wedding planner. A guest
might forget their table number and you will be thankful you don't have to memorize where everyone is sitting.

10. Break in your shoes before the big day.

11. It is always good to have oil blotting pads on hand, especially if you are taking pictures outside in the sun.

12. Have fun!