Sunday, November 22, 2009

celebrating in style

I was extremely excited that my company, Provence Catering, was one of the professionals picked to be a part of Celebrating in Style at Two Paperdolls in Wayne. The goal of the event was to give guests ideas for decor, flowers, food & beverage, photography, and paper for different parties. Each room had a different theme and feel... a holiday party, a baby shower, a wine and cheese party, an ageless creatures party (you are never too old to celebrate your birthday), a mitzvah party, and a mancave party. We had food in almost every room and our cakes matched the decor wonderfully! I was so happy to work with all of these professionals to plan this event. The great players were Kendall and Leila from Eclatante, Donna, Maya, and Amanda from Beautiful Blooms, Mike and Jana from mk Photography, Carl from Frank's Wine, Laura from Laura Novak Photography, Craig from Craig Neier Associates, of course, Nicole from Two Paperdolls. Here are some awesome photos of the event courtesy of mk Photography:

Can't wait for the next Celebrating in Style event!