Thursday, September 30, 2010

25 things

as many of you might know, i like to keep up on the celebrity gossip and one of the magazines that i read religiously is us weekly. well, they have a column that i thoroughly enjoy reading and i thought i would do a post on "25 things you don't know about me" to share some inside info (i always think its more fun to read a blog when you know a little bit about the person). so, here i go...

1. scrabble is one of my favorite board games.

2. i love receiving personal letters and packages. i hate clutter in my mailbox like terribly-designed flyers.

3. at the moment, i'm obsessed with pepperidge farm cinnamon bread with lots of butter. yum!

4. i'm truly going to miss michael scott when he leaves the office. it won't be the same.

5. i might be the clumsiest person you know. i once knocked over a whole glass of water in the middle of the night by trying to turn on the light. the worst part was that i knew it was there... i put it there.

6. i buy shampoo and conditioner because of the way it smells. i've been known to leave work and go to my car to smell it (miss you chris and jen!).

7. i believe cross country is a sport and get mad when people try to tell me otherwise.

8. i think i might apply to be on big brother, against my parents wishes!

9. i'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist in white.

10. i don't like 3D movies because i get motion sickness.

11. i am a "tall, dark, and handsome" kind of girl.

12. i'm actually excited for football season this year. go eagles!

13. someday, i want to write a book.

14. las vegas is one of my favorite places.

15. i try to run everyday, even if its just a block.

16. growing up i loved to watch sesame street, g.i. joe, gillian's island, and saved by the bell (who didn't?)

17. i'm french-canadian and have some polish and english in me somewhere.

18. summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. i would move to california where the temperatures are nice year round, but there are earthquakes and lots of fires.

19. sleep is a funny thing. good thing we have rechargeable batteries!

20. i thank god for my family and friends everyday.

21. i was a pudgy kid with glasses growing up (see below... no laughing!).

22. i've been to honduras twice to work in a medical clinic and i helped deliver two beautiful babies!

23. i love the beach.

24. i'm crafty!

25. this was harder than i thought!


have a good day!