Thursday, September 16, 2010

aligning energy | book list

i woke up on the nerdy side of my bed this morning... i may be a dork (which is nothing new), but i believe in "the secret" and the energy of the world. i'm not a hippy or a new thought science junkie, i just believe in creating your own fate.

i've been receiving really nice emails lately wishing me luck in my new endeavors and i really appreciate the support. i believe everything happens for a reason. over the summer, i read a bunch of books at the beach and it comes as no surprise to me that i randomly and unknowingly picked novels that involved "the secret." only looking back at my reading list did i realize the importance of this summer for my future.

the lost symbol by dan brown - good book, another dan brown bestseller - on noetic science/theory (wiki), metaphysics and more specifically ontology (the study of existence and how everything relates), your mind being your greatest tool, making a grain of sand into a mountain

the handmade nation - crafters around the world are doing what they love, believe in yourself, do what you love and love what you do...

the secret by rhonda byrne - law of attraction - although not a scientific law - created along with the new thought movement, anything is possible, the shifting of energy around you to create what you want, thinking is creating

the alchemist by paulo coelho - a modern classic, one of the best selling books in history - finding your "personal legend" and the fulfillment of your destiny, you make it happen

the girl with the dragon tattoo - this one is not nearly as closely related, but i think it can still be included in the list - the tie in would be about overcoming obstacles and finding out what is important to you

next up on my book list... inspirations by paulo coelho, released on october 26, 2010.

more on this topic...

the movie inception - a summer blockbuster - implantation of an idea and making it come true, the power of yoga - harnessing your inner energy, and our recent focus on finding new ways of conserving energy for the environment and economy - because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one state to another

keep learning, its good for your mind and your soul. aristotle once said,"all men by nature desire knowledge." if you've read any good books recently, let me know and i'll put them on my list!