Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maliya + chris | the big day!

here is the rest of maliya's wedding in the bahamas!

the stud-ly men and their matching aqua ties

we found a local flower shop and bought flowers for the wedding party. we were looking for tropical flowers but the selection wasn't very good... roses, carnations, lilies. we have them here!

we did find a cool, red protea-looking flower that
we added to maliya's bouquet.

the blushing bride and one of her maid of honors!

monseigneur moss was awesome. in the bahamas, they have different customs when getting married. we did a "uniting as one" practice where he used two candles coming together as one flame.

maliya and chris had to "declare" themselves free to marry each other
in front of the congregation.

there was a hand-binding ceremony.

then the rings and vows.
that's me in the background smiling from ear to ear!

the alter at the church was made out of shells.

all of us as witnesses to their marriage!

signing the official st. anselm's sacrament of marriage book!

i think they love each other!

pronouncing themselves married!!

yay! time to celebrate!