Thursday, October 7, 2010

my custom calendar

every year i look for a planner/date book that has all the qualities that i like, but i haven't found one that i love. i like seeing the whole week ahead of me, writing out my to do list, and a place to put all my crazy, creative ideas. i decided to create my own custom planner.

i designed the planner so that i could print out as many sheets as i need and pop them into a cute binder that i found at target. instead of dating every day for the whole year, i left a blank line so i could fill in the months and days as i go. the best part of this is that i won't have to buy another planner for a long, long time. i can refill the sheets any time i want!

my to do list section has an area for "now," "later," and "sometime"
so i don't forget anything important.

i used a bright purple cardstock as a divider
between the planner and notes sections.

i created pages to make notes in the back.

at target, i also found pockets to put in the planner to hold important papers, notes, and business cards. the design was pretty cute, too!

i got a sticky pad to do list to match. sweet!