Tuesday, October 5, 2010

redesign | old spice

i got a surprise email in my inbox last week about deodorant! check it out...


Thought you would also enjoy this...

I was at the supermarket yesterday. I remembered that I needed deodorant. So I went to find the good old Old Spice Red Zone.

Well it looks like they have a couple new scents and have revamped all of their product packaging while keeping with their all red look. Each scent has a different background design that isn't covered up by the spot dull coating. Pretty design-tastic if you ask me.

Showtime - Rays of light
After Hours - Circles like some posh nightclub wallpaper
Aqua Reef - Hawaiian Flowers
Pure Sport - Dots that remind me of cleat treads
Swagger - Coat of arms Lions

Video attached. Keep your eye out next time you are in the store.

Have a good one.

thanks for always being on the look out dustin!!!! must be that marketer in you!