Monday, January 24, 2011

wedding sand?

do you love the beach and want to include sand in the big day? here are a few ideas that are simple and will reflect your beach memories and love of the surf.

hang beach prints around your reception area like this one!

have you heard of unity sand? you can include a unity sand ceremony on your big day. pouring sand from two containers into one represents your lives becoming one through marriage. sometimes the unity sand replaces lighting a unity candle.

wear sand from a memorable vacation around your neck or wrist
on the big day in these tiny glass jars

brian and i love the beach and would live there if we could! for our wedding, we collected random vases for a long time and then added sand and white candles to use as centerpieces along with flowers. they gave the room a wonderful glow! check out other details from our big day here!

i kept one of the sand/candle vases from the wedding and put it on a shelf with one of our engagement pictures. reminds me of the good memories of that day!

coral and sand wedding board... if incorporating sand in your wedding
is too much of a hassle, consider sand as an accent color.
it's soft, subtle, and calming.

it would be perfect to use as a ribbon belt for bridesmaid dresses!

happy planning!