Friday, February 11, 2011

field trip | terrain

i went on a field trip on monday to terrain in glen mills, pa and i didn't want to leave. terrain is a cross between anthropologie (the parent company), a florist, and longwood gardens! it was so fun to explore and of course, i took lots of pictures. if you are thinking of going to terrain, i would wait until the spring. there is an outdoor area that was covered in snow and i'm sure its just as amazing as the inside in the spring.
i guess i'll just have to go again ;)

the displays are amazing. the aqua door was an awesome backdrop.

they have a ton of plants that i've never heard of!
and all of them are unique looking.

this waterfall/fountain thing was really cool.
the orchids on the left were beautiful.

i want to sign up for this workshop.
sounds right up my alley!

maliya wanted this bench for her birthday.
as much as i love her, i wasn't about to spend $3,200 on a tree bench!

succulent arrangement. so cool.

it was nice to see lots of green. i'm so ready for spring!

these vintage hydrangea are so pretty.
the different colors are really amazing
and its all based on the care of the plant.

silly picture of me wanting to use this blanket purse on a picnic.

birch wood display outside
they thought of everything!

i'm sure in the spring this area will be filled with awesome outdoor stuff

sweet birch wood

love these napkins!

how neat are these?

love this bushy flower, just have to find a place to put it!

again, these glass containers were part of a really cool display
i wouldn't expect any less from an anthropologie store!

LOVE this ornamental oregano!
the flowers are beautiful, sweet purply color, and the leaves are useful

can't remember the name of this flower, but i thought it was nifty

succulently marvelous!

need i say more? (drool!)

favorite flower of the day... hellebores!

plants in wool pockets on a wall.
who would have thought?

cherry blossoms make me want to visit washington d.c.!

thought this was a fun kitchen plant in an on-sale vase

overall, the trip was a lot of fun and i would recommend checking it out.
there is also a cafe... in case you want to spend all day there, and you might, you will need food to keep shopping!

thanks for being a good sport, maliya!

happy friday!