Tuesday, February 22, 2011

is it crazy?

have you ever wanted to have something so crazy at your wedding that people talk about it for years and years? here are a few ideas to get you started (warning: these are not budget-friendly).

photo from lovelyish.com

want to have an amusement park at your wedding? dreamland amusements is "your ticket to family fun"! they will travel from vermont to florida to attend your event. you can choose from a bunch of spectacular rides such as the giant wheel (my favorite), the starship 2000, the himalaya (ride while you rock'n roll to the oldies!), the zipper (aka the vomit-inducer), the dream catcher, and the orbiter. i know you want to recite your vows at the top of the giant wheel! haha.

check out the world's largest wedding cake... found on wedding wire's blog, this cake measures 17 feet tall and weighs 15,032 (that's more than five vw beetles and it can feed 59,000 people!). the cake was created by mohegan sun casino's 58 chefs and pastry artisans and they had to use two fork lifts to stack the monstrous cake. how much do you love cake? do you love it like a fat kid?

would you like to have good luck in your relationship? rent an elephant! i found a place called have trunk will travel inc. the company is based out of perris, california, but for the right price will travel anywhere to be at your event. you can have your groom ride into the ceremony on a standard wedding saddle or a grand wedding saddle. the price may be costly but it includes your saddle, travel, elephant decorations (maybe they will match your wedding colors?), costumed trainer, clean up and up to one hour of time.

meet rosie! i think i would ask for her. she looks really sweet. haha.
click here to check out the cutest baby elephant playing in a pool!

no more snow!