Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my garden

i'm so ready for spring and i need to start thinking about planning my garden. i have a yard full of rocks at the moment and i'm hoping to convince brian to get rid of some of them so i can plant half fruit and veggies (i'm thinking tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, berries, strawberries) and the other half flowers. i'm still deciding which blooms because i don't have the best luck with plants... i killed a coral peony last year and i don't want to do that again. my rose might not make it through the winter (i'm afraid i don't have my pipere's green thumb for roses!) so i'm on the fence about roses too. and the only plant that i have been able to keep alive is brian's weird, but green plant from kindergarten that doesn't need much care and will grow even if you only remember to water it once a month (pretty much you can't kill it. ha.).

so i think i need to do my research before i plant anything. i usually just pick up whatever looks pretty in the store, but maliya reminded me that there are certain instructions for care for each plant. she has vowed to help me (i'm holding you to that!) and i hope that i can blog about my garden progress in the spring. cross your fingers...

here are a couple flowers that i really like...

i first fell in love with these flowers on my "field trip" (more about that tomorrow!) and can't stop thinking about them. i read they are very sensitive (can flowers be sensitive?) and need lots of tlc. will i have enough time for these flowers? if they are that much work, would i rather have a puppy? :)

i think these might be too big for my small area

pretty, maybe a good option

garden spray roses (picture found on floralverde)
i like these, and once they bloom they would look really pretty inside

any suggestions for my garden?