Wednesday, March 23, 2011

phil hansen

this guy, phil hansen, has done amazing works of art... some of them controversial, most of them on a extra large scale, and all of them fascinating. his medium spans the gamut... paint, pens, his hands, photos, matches, and so on. this statement on his website is very interesting, "my present approach evolved out of what seemed at the time to be an artistic cul-de-sac: damage to the nerves in my forearm from the single-minded pursuit of pointillism. forced to think of other ways to create art, i began pushing myself to experiment with new mediums: my torso, a tricycle, x-rays, dandelions, the bible, key phrases out of audience stories, and so on. the selection of the medium became integral to the art, as much a part of the story and the holistic experience as the selected fragments themselves." he gets his audience involved, and the art becomes their own. check out this video summary of his work...

120 inch diameter, written with moments that changed people's lives

phil painted his chest with over 30 layers of paint.
the thickness of the final piece was the coolest part.
check out the video... it's pretty neat.

if you would like to see more of phil's crazy art,
check out his website:
happy rainy wednesday!