Tuesday, March 15, 2011

succulent garden

i have wanted to create a succulent garden for a long time now. i finally got the chance this weekend. i went scouting all day on saturday. i have also been looking for a solution to cover my radiator (or at least make it look appealing) because its so long and spans the entire wall in my kitchen. i had a candle and tissues on it and they looked terrible. i was thinking of a long planter, but i couldn't find any that were six feet long. i thought maybe two window boxes next to each other would look ok, but they were so big and bulky. i finally decided on four long vases from ikea (i knew i would find something there). so after a hefty succulent bill, i got everything ready to make my garden.

i used some rocks from my "garden" outside for drainage purposes.

i arranged each vase with five succulent/cactus plants.

this is my six foot long ugly radiator, now covered with pretty, oxygen-providing plants.

the best part is that if i forget to water them (which i definitely will)... they won't die (cross your fingers)... because they live better in dry soil (i'll mist them tomorrow)

i placed rocks on top of the soil for drainage and aesthetic purposes.

a few of the succulents even flower... yay!
how does it look?

happy tuesday!