Tuesday, April 19, 2011

steph's bridal shower

one of my best friends, steph, is getting married in about a month (yay!) and we threw a bridal shower for her. we chose a girly pink and green theme (she loves lilly pulitzer and we wanted something similar, but not the exact same). we had tulips on every table and despite the rain that day, it felt springy.

the invite for the shower
unfortunately you can't see the details of the white paper,
but it has a slight sparkle and looks really pretty in the light

i designed a bingo board for guests to guess what gifts steph
would get and then play bingo throughout the gift opening.
it kept the guests busy when unwrapping presents can get a little boring.

as a favor, we gave the guests a wooden spoon with this tiny tag.
the story behind the spoon is really cute.

steph, hope you had fun at your shower :) we love you!