Thursday, November 20, 2014

my love of banners

you can never have too many banners in your life.
we are always celebrating something and it's not a party until there's a banner!

my little peanuts holding a banner made for uncle ty's birthday

these baby shower banners are available for sale in my etsy store

a combination of two different banners is fun and gives depth. 
the more the merrier!

made this one for a couple's baby shower.
the soft palate was perfect for a gender neutral party

this is a photo of my booth at an arts festival this fall. i put together a confetti banner because i use confetti on a lot of my marketing materials. it was super easy. i just strung different colored circles on a string and ta-da! confetti banner!

custom banners are available for parties, the holidays, anything!
you can email me at or contact me through etsy.
thanks and happy thursday!