Monday, October 18, 2010

trash to treasures | window

brian and i were on a run a few weeks ago and passed a neighbor's house that had put a bunch of trash and junk out on the curb. i noticed a few ugly, dirty windows that needed help. i told brian i wanted to bring them home and he thought i was crazy. i had an idea. here are the windows before...


for months i had been debating what to do with a weird "nook" area in the dining room. should i put shelves there? cover it up completely because of the silver radiator? a painting? eh...nothing seemed to fit.

i decided, after checking the measurements, to use the biggest window and it fit perfectly! i spent a saturday afternoon cleaning, refinishing, and painting the window. here are the after pictures...

love this crack... makes me wonder about the history of the window

how does it look?