Monday, January 10, 2011

christmas card wrap-up

i'm finally getting back on the blogging bus. i've been taking care of the cutest, little puppy for my brother-in-law while he is on the west coast for a couple weeks. so it has taken a week, but here is a wrap-up of the christmas cards i designed and produced this holiday season.

i created a simple postcard for my christmas card.
the picture is from our first year anniversary picnic.

i left a blank area on the back to write a short, but sweet note.

it has always been hard for my mom to find the time to write christmas cards and letters. so i came up with this timeline idea to tell everyone what has been going on with our family without composing a huge, long letter that many people won't get to read until february. it mentioned a brief description about all the important things that happened over the past year.

she wanted something elegant and seasonal
so we went with gold and dark green.

and of course, i got to emboss each envelope with my logo : )

a good family friend asked me to create a modern, colorful photo card for her family. the card came out great and it helps that the little girl in the pictures is beautiful (and smart too!) :) we went with burgandy and light blue... so pretty.

twins! are twice the reason to be jolly this holiday season!
we chose a bright red layer to match aiden's santa outfit.
cutest twins EVER oxox

all wrapped up!
i love using kraft paper to wrap presents!