Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lots of hobo love

this holiday season, i was lucky enough to do an awesome project for hobo international. i love when a client comes to me, shows me a picture, and says "can you do this?" it is fun to do something you don't normally do everyday and i love a challenge. :) i embossed 350 bakery boxes for hobo to fill with yummy cookies for a holiday gift a their clients.
here is a closeup of the logo...

so shiny!
i could definitely rock every single hobo bag,
but my mom did an excellent job when she picked
this one out for me.

it was a hobo christmas at my house this year!
my new ashlyn bag!
the leather is so soft and the shape of the bag is perfect.

i love the pattern on the inside liner.
and it has all the right pockets. how i love pockets!
one for my chapstick, one for my business cards,
one for my cell phone, i could go on and on... :)

shop hobo's website and follow hobo on facebook!

it's going to snow tonight!